Metralha means strength and resistance.

Metralha represents the battles and wars that we waged in our lives be they inner or outer, physical or mental. What we want to convey is that no matter what we do, whether we’re musicians, poets, painters, writers or film makers we are all creators of something. And whatever art, we should never be intimidated, regardless of external factors, because we have something unique within us and if we lower our “weapons” and do not accept the challenges, we will never discover our true potential.

For this reason we are Metralha and this is the way we live!

Metralha, Made in Paradise.


It all started in 2014, Portugal, when a person asked where could buy the jeans that “Metralha´s” founder was wearing and he replied, here!
The jeans had been customized by me, he replied. 

After that, he ordered a pair of jeans, and it was on that day that the journey began and the idea of customizing jeans came to life.

The works began to gain notice and to be recognized by those who knew and consumed the creations.

In 2016, after two years of existence, the demand was immense for a person’s work, which led to a stopping point, to rethink and organize the way forward.

It was then that he decided to take this art to another level, registering the mark under the name of “Metralha”. Later that year, between Manchester (UK) and Portugal was developed and launched a limited edition “Ghost collection”, to be sold online, which have been customized  50 pairs of dark jeans and 50 pairs of bright jeans, with an exclusive packaging hand made.

Months later, the 100 pairs had been sold and expectations were exceeded, we reached countries like Japan, United Kingdom, Norway, France, Sweden, Canada, Spain and Germany. It was then that we decided to create our own company and join a team to develop our creations from the raw material to the final product, maintaining exclusivity and ensuring the quality of all collections.

Two years after the launch of “ghost collection”, we decided to present to the public a collection that includes jeans and shorts with three different types washes, hoodies, t-shirts and accessories.

The jeans are divided in two distinct lines.

Classics: We felt the need to create a regular line with simple washes, a classic range with high quality and above all durable and comfortable, that was how the “classics” were born.

Premium: We decided that was the time to join forces with different artists and create something unique. For that reason, we invite two Portuguese designers, Carla Campos (jeans patterns) and Margarida Ferreira (packing design) to work with us on this collection.
As a result of this collaboration, we released a “premium” collection, limited to 100 pieces (per wash), to be sold worldwide.

Metralha x Flexfit: We wanted to add headwear, in order to do that we wanted to work with best, so we chose a company that has more than 40 years in the business,  Flexfit / Youpong in order to deliver the best quality to our costumers.

Expansion: We established a partnership with three stores  (official dealers) located in Portugal with the purpose to present a closer experience to the public.